Around Thanksgiving, family Goldroot finished our marathon rewatch of the Harry Potter movies. As Potter fans will remember, each episode grew darker and darker, the child actors more mature, and the feelings of joy and discovery replaced by darker emotions. At the end that sense of tragedy and despair replaced by a flicker of hope. Throughout the journey was the wonderful character of Severus Snape, adeptly portrayed by British actor, Alan Rickman. His death this week touched our family – more than David Bowie, more than Natalie Cole, two others whose impact also spanned multiple generations.

The image heading this post depicts the set of the “Death Eaters” which is now part of the Warner Studios Making of Harry Potter tour. I can’t be sure, but I think even the faceless Slitheren purebloods are mourning the loss of this portrayer of villainous, heroic, Snape.

Au revoir au prince de sang-mêlé.



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